All about Planet Dartford

Dartford Borough Council has pledged to take practical steps to tackle climate change and to encourage the whole community to do the same.

We’ve got lots of plans including planting more trees, setting up edible gardens, reducing waste and spreading the word about greener ways to live, work and travel.

We’re bringing ALL these initiatives together under one banner - Planet Dartford.

Planet Dartford isn’t about stopping you live the way you want to live, buying the products you want to buy or travelling to places you want to go. It’s just pointing the way to better, greener choices when you do.

Our Aims

1. Change Ourselves

We’ve set ourselves a target of reaching net-zero by 2030. This will mean looking at the services we provide, the vehicles we use, how we use energy and how we manage events and facilities for residents.

We want to lead from the front on Climate Change.

2. Help Others To Change

Actions to tackle climate change will need action from ALL of Dartfords’ communities, businesses, groups and households. The council will support others to make good choices.

We will also need to work with national organisations like Highways England and the Environment Agency to improve local landscapes and air quality.

3. Spread The Word

We need to spread the word about why climate action is important to influence millions of choices taken by tens of thousands of people in dozens of communities.

Planet Dartford aim to take our climate change message to every part of the community.

Our first projects include:

Family Trees 

**The Family Trees voucher scheme is now closed, all vouchers have been allocated**
Thank you to everyone who participated in the scheme.
You can learn more about Planet Dartford and future schemes by visiting our website here

Plant a lasting memory of the moments that shape your family story.

The Family Trees scheme offers new parents a £25 voucher to be spent at one of three participating Dartford garden centres on plants or trees to create a lasting memory, help nurture local wildlife and protect the environment.

The scheme, launched by the Council’s Planet Dartford initiative, is aimed at all parents, whether you wish to mark a newborn’s arrival or first smile, welcome a newly adopted or fostered family member or create a loving tribute to a little one, we hope you will take part in this great green initiative.

For more information please click here

Planet Dartford Green Grant Community Fund

Coming in the Summer 2023! We will be providing small grants to any organisation, group, club etc. that has an idea for a project to help reduce or offset carbon emissions.

For more information please click here

New Community Orchards and Wildflower Meadows

We have established Community Orchards and Wildflower Meadows in areas across Dartford such as Alamein Gardens and Hesketh Park. This provides crop-yielding trees for the community to enjoy as well providing more diverse green spaces.

Solar Together Kent

A Kent wide scheme to offer high quality Solar PV panels through group buying, bringing households together to purchase multiple panels and benefit from larger scale savings.

Solar panels will help reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint by generating your own clean electricity. For more information please click here


If you have any questions or would like to know more about Planet Dartford please email us at: