Supporting your organisation

We love working with great partners who wish to deliver activities and events to improve lives for local people. Over the years, our grants have helped fund everything from camping gear for Scouts & Guides to arranging visits for veterans to the National Memorial Arboretum. More recently, we have even opened a grant funds specifically focused on environmental improvements to tackle climate change. 

We have a duty to make sure public money is spent wisely but our application process is simple.  If you are a properly constituted, non-commercial organisation based in Dartford and need help to deliver something good for your community it may be worth talking to us. 

The grants can range from a few hundred pounds for a small local project to several thousands for bigger activities. We may also be able to suggest other sources of funding if it’s required. 

Applications focussed on improving lives for the young, the elderly, those with particular needs, or activities which help to build happier, healthier communities and bring people together are especially welcome. This includes supporting activities in new communities within our growing Borough.  

Usually, we want to support activities that would be unlikely to happen without our support. It’s unlikely, for example, that grants would be made if alternative sources or funding are readily available or where an applicant has significant balances or resources of its own. 

From time to time, the Council may launch specific grant funds to meet emerging needs but most of our grants are channelled through a number of well-established funds.