Who should emergency services contact if you're injured:

Pick an 'ICE' - 'In Case of an Emergency' - partner and store their contact info in your mobile phone address book. Just enter the word ICE before their name and number.

This means the emergency services can quickly and easily find someone to contact if you're injured and can't communicate. They simply search for ICE on your mobile.

Make sure that:

  • The person whose name and number you are using has agreed to be your ICE partner
  • Your ICE partner knows who to contact on your behalf, plus any important medical information
  • If your ICE contact is deaf, you type ICETEXT then their name before saving the number
  • If you want more than one ICE partner, simply save them as ICE1, ICE2 etc
  • If you haven't got a mobile, you keep your ICE partner's contact info on paper in your wallet or purse