The Dartford Community Safety Unit works with partner agencies including Kent Police, to keep local communities as safe as possible. However there are some easy measures that you can take which will help reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime even further:


  • Ensure that you have good quality locks on all external doors and windows.  Most burglaries are committed by opportunist thieves who will always target easy properties.
  • Ensure that garden sheds and garages are securely locked and the addition of outside security lighting will always help. Various products are available to "property mark" your valuable items.
  • Never leave items on display in unattended vehicles, even for a short time. Satellite navigation systems are popular items to steal. Although you may remove and place them in a glove box etc., when the vehicle is left, be sure to also remove the tell-tale ring from the windscreen.
  • Always ensure your vehicle is locked and keep keys safe, out of view when at home, and away from your front door.  When not in use, keep your electronic car key in a security pouch to prevent it being scanned by thieves to open and steal your car nearby.

Comprehensive crime prevention advice can be obtained from the Crime Prevention page on the Kent Police website