Be prepared:

  • Reduce fire hazards. Contact Kent Fire and Rescue Service on 0800 9237000 or visit for free home fire safety advice
  • Fit and maintain smoke alarms - at least one on every floor (check the batteries every week)
  • Plan an escape route should fire break out at night (most fire deaths occur while people are sleeping)
  • Consider storing important documents in a fireproof safe
  • Don’t overload electricity sockets
  • Never leave cooking or candles unattended

If fire breaks out:

  • Get out
  • Stay out
  • DO NOT use a lift
  • Dial 999 and follow the advice of the Fire Service
  • If you’re moving or trapped in smoke, stay close to the floor where the air is cleaner
  • Never re-enter your home until the Fire and Rescue Service has made it safe