For advice on procedure, contact the Corporate Complaints Officer on 01322 343434 or Online: Contact the Corporate Complaints Officer.

Equality and diversity:

We are committed to giving equal access to advice for all. This means we will not treat you any differently because of your sex, colour, race, nationality, ethnic group, regional or national origin, age, marital status, disability, political or religious belief, sexuality or class.

Do you need special help:

We have arrangements to help you if you have difficulty, for example if you have a disability or if English is not your first language. If you need an interpreter, we can arrange this and we can also produce letters and reports in large print (16pt plain text), in Braille or on tape. Please call our Customer Services on 01322 343434. We welcome calls via Relay UK

Complaints against any form of discrimination may be referred to the Equality Advisory Service FPN4431

What can you expect from us:

Complaints differ widely in nature and complexity and in dealing with your complaint, we will aim to apply a number of basic principles:

  • Acknowledgement of your complaint within 7 working days of its receipt by us;
  • A reply to your complaint within 15 or 21 working days of its receipt by us and to be kept informed if an investigation takes longer;
  • If the matter is not resolved, a full and fair investigation by a named person within an agreed timescale;
  • An Ombudsman review if you remain dissatisfied;
  • Courtesy and helpfulness at all times;
  • Confidentiality - any request for your identity to remain confidential will be respected as far as possible;
  • Impartiality - your complaint will be dealt with on its own merits and impartially

What happens if we agree with your complaint about us:

If we find that we are at fault, we will apologise and consider whether there is anything else we should do.

The following organisations may assist you in making a complaint:

  • Dartford Citizens' Advice Bureau
    Tel: 01322 472979
  • Disability Information Advice Line (DIAL)
    Advice tel: 01474 356962
    Web: Disability Assist
  • Local Councillor or MP
    Tel: 01322 343430 for information about your local ward Councillor
    Web: Councillor Information
  • Council for Voluntary Service North West Kent who will tell you of organisations that offer support
    Tel: 01474 4354479
  • Northwest Kent Racial Equality Council if you feel you been discriminated against because of your race
    Tel: 01474 369329