We are fitting Carbon Monoxide (CM) detectors to Dartford Borough Council properties as part of our ongoing rewiring program. This is in addition to the statutory hard wired smoke detectors (SD) that are also fitted.

Currently, approximately 45% of our properties have a CM detector fitted and 85% have hard wired SD. Legislation around SD has been around for longer and that is why more properties have these fitted.

Once fitted, SD and CM are subject to an annual check as part of the gas safety check.

In all cases, tenants are responsible for testing and replacing batteries for both the CM and SD and are reminded to do so. Hard wired detectors still require a battery back-up and batteries will need to be replaced approximately every 10 years.

There is no obligation on the Council to fit battery operated smoke detectors and there is also no obligation to check the detectors once fitted. However, we have applied good practice and will continue to check them annually as part of the gas service.

In terms of the requirement to fit CM detectors the regulations only apply to private sector rented property but regardless of that we are working to get them fitted as part of the rewire programme as its again good H and S practice.

Council tenants are protected by the gas safety regime that tests the gas services provided by the council on an annual basis. Any issues discovered during these inspections will be dealt with.

I hope that this helps you understand what we are doing to protect tenants and further advice can be obtained from the Kent Fire and Rescue Service on 0800 9237000 or visit www.kent.fire-uk.org for free home fire safety advice.