The Dartford Tenants' and Leaseholders' Forum is made up of tenants and leaseholders living in Dartford who share a common goal - 'To ensure that the services delivered by Dartford Borough Council are accessible to all'.

Some of the aims of the Forum are to:

  • Work as a group to ensure that the views and housing needs of residents are recognised and addressed by Dartford Borough Council and that those needs and views are placed at the centre of housing services delivery
  • Work in partnership with other forums and groups within the Dartford Borough to address the specific housing needs of certain groups eg: those in supported housing, leaseholders

Work that the Forum does:

  • Attend regular monitoring meetings on housing services such as: major works programme (kitchens, bathrooms), estate cleaning, anti-social behaviour, gas servicing, repairs
  • Organise three public meetings per year to hear from tenants and leaseholders and offer topical and timely  
  • Meet regularly at the Housing Advisory Board, made up of Forum members, Councillors of Dartford Borough Council and Housing Management Team. The group discusses housing issues and the involvement of residents currently and in the future
  • Attend a variety of training courses and networking events to develop knowledge and skills
  • Work with the Council to identify potential partnering contractors - involvement from tendering to appointment
  • Review housing policies and procedures and working documents

Find out more:

For more information how to join the Forum or to find out other ways you can get involved contact the Resident Involvement Officer Online: Contact the Resident Involvement Officer or call 01322 343682.

Dartford Borough Tenants' and Leaseholders' forum public meeting

Details of the next Dartford Tenants' and Leaseholders' Forum Public Meeting