Purchased grave spaces are available at Watling Street Cemetery, Stone Cemetery and Swanscombe Cemetery.

Purchased grave spaces can accommodate up to two coffin burials (interments) and up to eight caskets of cremated remains. Watling Street Cemetery also has a dedicated area for scattering cremated remains.

Half sized graves for Cremated Remains only may be purchased at Stone and Swanscombe Cemeteries.

Watling Street Cemetery has a specific Children's Section and can offer the choice of the following:

  • An un-purchased grave, which measures 3ft x 2ft where memorials are restricted to a vase or tablet;


  • A purchased grave – a grave in the Children's Section on which a full size memorial may be placed (no adult burials permitted).

It is strongly advised that parents contact the cemetery office to discuss these options.

Alternatively graves may be purchased in sections of various denominations at any of the cemeteries for both adult and children.

All Bookings for burials should be made via the Watling Street Cemetery Office.

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