Thank you for completing your Annual Canvass form:

No changes:

If you advised or confirmed that there are no changes you do not need to do anything. Your details will remain on the register as before and you will continue to be able to vote in forthcoming eligible elections.

Added an elector:

If an elector has been added they will now be sent an Invitation to register form. This sperate form can either be completed or returned to us in the pre-paid envelope or they can register on-line at

They will not be added to the register and will be unable to vote until they have completed the form or registered on-line.

Removed an elector:

If you have stated on your form that someone no longer resides at your address we may not automatically be able to delete them. In this instance we will review the elector and will send a letter to that person at your address. If this person does not live here, do nothing, and they will automatically be removed in due course.

Amended an elector's details:

Change of Name - a letter will be emailed or sent by post advising the person how they can change their name.

Aged 76 or over - No further action is required.

Nationality - If you have changed your nationality you will be asked to provide evidence of your nationality change. Your nationality will not be amended until this has been provided.

Changed a postal or proxy vote - If you no longer require a postal or proxy vote a letter or email confirming the change will be sent.

If you have requested a postal or proxy vote you will now be emailed or sent an application form to apply. This form MUST be completed and returned to us. You are not entitled to a postal or proxy vote until this has been processed and accepted.

Opt in or out of the open register - You will be sent a letter advising how to make this change either by letter or email.