About Kent Energy Deal:

During these difficult and challenging times it’s even more important to save money on your energy bill.

Kent Energy Deal had been in operation since collective switching began in the UK in 2013.  Kent Energy Deal was a partnership between several Kent Councils and IChoosr to help residents save money on their energy bills by using combined buying power to access highly competitive tariffs.  Kent Energy Deal helped many people living in the Dartford Borough and other partner Kent Local Authorities who also ran the scheme to switch to a better tariff therefore saving money on their resident’s utility bills and frequently the tariff offered was a renewable electricity tariff too.  The scheme was just one of the many offered to help residents and support the Council in its carbon reduction ambitions. 

Due to the Energy crisis and the Price Caps the switching market in its entirety has been at a standstill, however IChoosr have continued to monitor the situation and talked with suppliers to stay aware of any price/market changes.

If you are interested in being part of the open-ended auction, register your details through the link below or alternatively leave your contact details on 01322 343056 to receive a call back to help with the registration process.

IChoosr now believe the time is right to offer the option of the Big Community Switch again and are offering the opportunity for residents to register on line to help residents save money on their energy bills by using combined buying power to access highly competitive tariffs.  This means residents can benefit from the bargaining power of a large group.

Dartford Borough Council has formed a partnership with IChoosr to offer this service – participation is completely free with no obligation to switch. 

Registration for the Autumn auction is now open.  

You can now register for the current scheme at www.bigcommunityswitch.co.uk/dartford.  Registration requires details of energy consumption (which can be found on your energy bill/annual energy statement in kWhs), name of current supplier and current tariff.  Registration is free and there is no obligation to accept the winning offer.


How does it work?

1. Registration: Dartford Borough Council residents can register before 3 October 2023 currently continue to register for free and without obligation at www.bigcommunityswitch.co.uk/dartford 

2. Auction: an ‘auction’ will be held on 3 October when IChoosr’s pre vetted energy suppliers will submit bids.  The supplier who offers the cheapest tariff will get to offer you a new contract.

3. Personal offer: from 16 October 2023 you will receive a personal offer, based on your registration details, and you can see how much money you can save.

4. You decide: the decision is then yours as to whether you want to accept your offer. There is no obligation to switch, and you will have until 27 November 2023 to decide.

5. Take control: if you accept, you will be one of the thousands who have taken control of their energy costs through our collective energy switching scheme.

Four Things You Should Do:

  • Grab your bill and register yourself - it's free, easy and without obligation
  • Tell your neighbours about the scheme
  • Help your relatives if they are not used to registering their details online (you can register on their behalf)
  • Help people without internet access to register with you online.

June 2023 Auction Results:

SO Energy won:

  • Dual Fuel - fixed price, monthly direct debit, online billing
  • Electric Only – fixed price, monthly direct debit, online billing

There was no compelling offer for the following categories:

  • Dual Fuel – fixed price, monthly direct debit, paper billing
  • Electric Only – fixed price, monthly direct debit, paper billing 
  • Dual Fuel – variable price – pre payment
  • Electric Only – variable price – pre payment

Find out more

For more information, visit www.bigcommunityswitch.co.uk/dartford where you can register for the scheme and get in touch with the Big Community Switch Helpdesk: 0800 048 8285 Mon - Fri 8:00am - 5:30pm.

Or contact us at Dartford Borough Council:

Tel: 01322 343056
Contact us using this Online form

Alternative energy switching options are available through Ofgem accredited comparison sites.