If you feel able to do so, it is often better to try and resolve a problem informally by yourself. Your neighbour may be genuinely unaware that their activities are having a negative impact upon you. The introduction of a third party such as the Council or a Landlord may sometimes make a situation worse and can cause tension between neighbours.

Advice on how to informally resolve neighbour disputes.


Neighbours in dispute often find that communication and trust have broken down. Mediation provides an impartial third party to help them re-build this in a safe and effective way, and enables the parties to come up with practical solutions which will benefit everyone.

Mediation is confidential and all meetings take place in private. It can also avoid the expense of obtaining legal advice or going to court.

Mediators will never take action or do anything without the permission of all parties involved in the dispute.

The Council work with Medway Mediation and further advice on how to contact Medway Mediation.