Air Quality

Current Air Quality in Dartford:

Information on the very latest air quality monitoring in Dartford can be obtained from the London Air Quality website. Data on the air quality across Kent can also be viewed on the KentAir website. 

Local Air Quality Management:

The Council are required to assess air quality within their area for a number of key pollutants (designated by the National Air Quality Strategy).

If any of these 'key' pollutants are likely to, or already exceed, any of the national targets in any areas of our district we are required to declare an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) for that location.

List of Air Quality Management Areas (AQMA) in Dartford:

  • A282 Tunnel Approach Road - declared for exceedances of PM10 (40ug.m3 measured as an annual mean) and NO2 (40ug.m3 measured as an annual mean)
  • Dartford Town Centre and Approach Roads - declared for exceedances of NO2 (40ug.m3 measured as an annual mean)
  • London Road, Dartford - declared for exceedances of PM10 (50ug.m3 24hr mean exceeded more than 35 times in a year) and NO2 (40ug.m3 measured as an annual mean)
  • Bean Interchange - declared for exceedances of NO2 (40ug.m3 measured as an annual mean)

Action Plans:

Where an AQMA has been declared, the Council has a duty to prepare and implement a remedial Action Plan to try and improve air quality in that area. 

We are consulting on our draft Air Quality Action Plan for 2022-2027

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Local Air Quality Annual Status Report:

Every year the Council are required to produce an Annual Status Report. This report details how we are doing in achieving or maintaining air quality objectives, and:

  • shows levels of pollutants in the Borough over the year in question
  • lists the actions identified in the Air Quality Action Plan and describes the status of each action.

If you would like to receive a copy of the very latest, or historic Annual Status Reports, please contact customer services on 01322 343434 or complete the online form here

Vehicle Pollution: 

Information about vehicle pollution and the impacts of idling engines can be found here

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