Car Alarms

A faulty car alarm can cause serious noise problems at properties near to where the vehicle is parked. It is recommended that if you have a car alarm you:

  • Periodically check that it is functioning correctly
  • When leaving the vehicle, ensure that all windows and doors are closed correctly
  • Try to park your vehicle within earshot of your property
  • If the vehicle alarm is sensitive, try not to park the vehicle on narrow roads with fast moving heavy good vehicles passing by
  • Make sure the details of the vehicles registered keeper are up to date
  • If the alarm develops a fault get it repaired quickly
  • If you have a problem with your car alarm consider disabling it until it can be repaired

In order for an car alarm to be effective your neighbours must react to its sounding. If an alarm sounds regularly neighbours are less likely to take notice.

Making a complaint:

If you are disturbed by a continually sounding car alarm, Officers from the Environmental Protection Team may be able to silence it.

Before contacting us:

  • Identify the vehicle that is the source of the noise
  • Ask neighbours if they know the owner of the vehicle
  • If the vehicle is parked on private land (at a property, in a private car park etc) discuss the problem with the land owner
  • Make a note of the vehicle registration, make, model and colour
  • Make a note of the vehicle location (on a driveway, street, behind locked gates etc)
  • Check for signs of a break in or damage to the vehicle

How we respond:

  • We will telephone you to discuss the complaint
  • We will ask for the details listed above
  • We will attempt to contact the registered keeper (possibly via Kent Police)
  • If appropriate we may visit you in your home to assess the noise problem
  • If a statutory nuisance is occurring we may serve a legal notice. We may then take action to silence the alarm including (as necessary) obtain a warrant for entry to land or garage, employ a contractor to enter the vehicle and silence the alarm, remove the vehicle to an alternate location
  • We will recharge the owner of the vehicle costs

Please be aware that we are unable to investigate anonymous complaints.

Refer a matter to the Environmental Protection Team

Out of Hours:

If you are affected by a continuously sounding alarm outside of normal office hours you can contact the Out of Hours Service in the following times:

  • Friday- 18:00 to 00:00
  • Saturday- 18:00 to 00:00

Normally an Out of Hours Officer will telephone you to discuss your complaint. If an alarm can be silenced within the operating hours of the service then we will attempt to do so. However an alarm can take several hours to silence and if we cannot complete the works within the service hours we will be unable to take action until the next working day.

The Council's Out of Hours Service can be contacted on 01322 343434 (please note, Environmental Protection do not charge for calls to our service).