Pest Control

We currently provide a pest control service in domestic properties for the eradication of infestations of:

  • Rats
  • Mice  - Please note we can only treat for mice inside of your property. We cannot treat outdoor areas such as gardens. 
  • Wasps*

Specific information on rats, mice and wasps can be found here. 

Please do not book a pest control appointment if any of these situations apply to your household:

  • If anyone in your household has Corona Virus
  • If anybody in your household is self-isolating
  • If anyone in your household has any indicator symptoms of the virus

Please only book appointments once you have recovered. If you have already booked a pest control appointment and if anyone in the household gets any symptoms or has been in contact with anyone who has corona virus, please notify Dartford Borough Council immediately.

The Pest Control technician will be asking these questions routinely on every visit.

To book an appointment for pest control phone Customer Services on 01322 343434.

*Please note that we spray wasp nests from the outside of the property and for this reason can only treat properties that are no more than two stories high at gutter level.

Rats, mice and other pests in a neighbouring property

Occasional sightings of pests such as rodents are common. However if you believe the source of a pest issue is coming from your neighbours land, or you’ve seen only occasional signs of their presence, that doesn’t mean your neighbour has become aware of them just yet. Your first step should be to talk to your neighbour. Approach them politely and share your concerns. If the problems persist, you can report the matter to the council here

Advice on overgrown gardens can be found here. 


Our pest control officers will not kill bees due to their value to the environment. If your pests turn out to be bees, you will still be charged for the visit. If you are not sure whether you have bees or wasps, bring a sample of dead insect involved to the Civic Centre for identification.

If you have a bee swarm, or honey-bee nest, you may want to contact the Kent Bee Keeping Association they can put you in contact with a local beekeeper/swarm collector..

Please not that we will not spray nests until the beginning of July, when the queen is more likely to be in the nest. If the queen is not in the nest when we spray there is every chance that she'll return and build another nest nearby, possibly in a location that's harder to reach.

We are unable to help you with problems of foxes.

If you are having a problem with foxes in your garden or you have found a sick or injured fox, you can contact a charity specifically dedicated to foxes.

The Fox Project operates in Kent, Surrey, East Sussex and South East London. They operate a specialist fox deterrence and advice service which is effective and humane. They also provide care for sick and injured foxes.