In accordance with the Equality Act 2010 and as part of our commitment to equality and diversity, we regularly review our services, policies and procedures to ensure that:

  1. Unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation is eliminated
  2. Equality of opportunity is advanced
  3. Good relations between different groups of people are fostered

The results of the reviews and their associated action plans can be accessed below:

Business Continuity and Emergency Planning:

Emergency Planning and Business Continuity

Community Safety Unit:

Environmental Enforcement

Littering and Dog Fouling Patrols

Use of Body Worn Video Devices

Corporate Policy and Support:

Consultation and Engagement Strategy

Safeguarding Policy

Working Household Fund 

White Ribbon

Electoral Services:

Electoral Registration and Elections

Housing Services:

Allocations Policy

Private Sector Housing Renewal Strategy

Vulnerable Adults, Housing Policy Customer Access Review

Housing Recharge Policy Customer Access Review

Rent Arrears Policy Customer Access Review

Anti Social Behaviour Customer Access Review

Property Conversion Policy Customer Access Review

Mobile Homes Fit and Proper Persons Determination Policy  Customer Access Review

Mobile Homes Fit and Proper Person Fees Policy Customer Access Review

Flexible Tenancies Review  Customer Access Review

Tenancy Fraud Policy Customer Access Review

Tenancy Policy Customer Access Review

Tenancy Strategy Customer Access Review

Tenant and Leaseholder Engagement Strategy

Good Neighbour Thank you Scheme

SWEP - Customer Access Review

Damp, Mould and Condensation Policy- Customer Access Review  

Housing Assignment Policy 

Compensation for Improvements Customer Access Review

Decant Policy- Customer Access Review

Temporary Accommodation Strategy- Customer Access Review 

Policy on Consultation with Residents on Housing Policy/Strategy

Management Transfer Policy - Customer Access Review

Pets Policy - Customer Access Review

Homeslessness Review

Domestic Abuse Housing Strategy Review

Legal Services:

Assets of Community Value and Community Right to Bid

Corporate Complaints Procedure

Data Protection Policies and Procedures

FOIA and  EIR Procedure

Member Code of Conduct Complaints

Petitions' Guidelines

Policy for Interrogating Social Media for Investigative Purposes

Planning Services:

Planning Enforcement

Dartford Town Centre Regeneration Project Update and Phase 3A Spital Street Progression

Revenues and Benefits:

Council Tax Payments

If you would like to make a comment, or would like a copy of a customer access review in another format, please contact us online: Contact Policy and Corporate Support