If you are happy with the Council's terms for selling your home to you, and you have arranged your mortgage, you are ready to go ahead and buy. You should tell the Council that you are ready, and ask your solicitor for advice on the legal documents and making your payment. It can take several months before you become the owner of your home.

Delays or problems with the sale:

Most sales go through quickly, but sometimes there are problems or delays. If the Council does not send you Form "Right to Buy 2" or the Section 125 notice within the specified times, you may be allowed a reduction in the purchase price.

To get this, you must complete Form "Right to Buy 6" and send it to the Council. You must give the Council at least one month to take the next step in the sale process.

The Council may send you a counter notice if it has already served you with a Response Notice or a Section 125 Notice, or if there is no action that can be taken by it to speed up the sale.

If the Council does not send you a counter notice within the time allowed, you can complete and return Form "Right to Buy 8". The rent you pay while the delay goes on will then be taken off the price you have to pay for your home. If the Council delays the sale again, you can repeat this procedure. All these forms are available from the Right to Buy team at the Council.

You should let the Council know as soon as you are ready to buy. If it doesn't hear from you for a long time, it will write to you and ask you either to complete the purchase within 8 weeks or to confirm that you disagree with the terms of the sale.

If you don't, the Council may send you a second notice asking you to complete your purchase. If you still don't contact the Council or complete the sale, your application will be withdrawn.