If you would like to purchase your Council home, start by asking us for a Right to Buy pack, which contains everything you need to make your application. You can call us on 01322 343832/01322 343211 or you can download the pack from the links below.

Please note – all forms contained in the Right to Buy pack must be fully completed and returned to us before we can process your application.

You can contact the Right to Buy Team on 01322 343832 or Online: Contact our Right to Buy Team.

Fill all of these forms in carefully, as they are used to decide:

  • Whether you have the Right to Buy; and if you do,
  • How much discount you are entitled to

When you have fully completed the forms, return them to the Council. It is a good idea to use recorded delivery or to deliver them by hand and get a receipt; otherwise, you may be unable to prove that the Council has received them. You should always keep copies of the completed forms for yourself.