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The following links hope to provide you with information on the options we are currently able to offer:

Disabled Facilities Grant:

If you or someone living in your property has a disability, you may qualify for a Disabled Facilities Grant towards the cost of providing adaptations and facilities to enable the person to continue to live in their home. If you would like information on grants please ring the Private Sector Team on 01322 343152.

View the Disabled Facilities Grants Policy

Energy Efficiency Grants:

Grants for energy efficiency schemes may also be available for assistance with insulation to lofts and cavity walls, draught proofing and the replacement of boilers and refrigeration units.

Further information can be obtained by telephoning the Environmental Promotions Officer on 01322 343056.

Discretionary Assistance:

Assistance is available to local residents to help in:

  • Reducing or eliminating hospital admissions and readmissions
  • Allowing a speedier discharge from hospital
  • To consider the long term needs of individuals and reduce associated treatment and social care costs

To enable this, the following may be provided:

  • Assisting with essential works such as repairs
  • Provision of necessary equipment
  • Deep cleaning/de-cluttering
  • Enabling homes to be efficiently heated for persons whose long term health conditions or age makes them vulnerable to the cold

The Council will provide funding for these services to eligible applicants that meet one or more of the aims of the policy where it is a housing related issue, which is preventing discharge from hospital, or to improve the home environment to prevent hospital admission in the first place.

View the Discretionary Assistance Policy or contact the Private Sector Housing Team,  Tel 01322 343152 or by  completing our online form.