Fly tipping is an increasing problem throughout the Borough, both on Council land and privately owned sites.

See how the Council tackles fly-tipping

It is generally the landowner's responsibility to clear up after the irresponsible actions of others, however the Council views this "environmental crime" extremely seriously and works with the Police and Environment Agency to secure prosecutions whenever possible.

Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 the fines for fly tipping can be unlimited and any evidence which may help identify those responsible should be passed to the Council as soon as possible. You can check the number of recent investigations and prosecutions we have carried out here.

"Fly Tipping" is the practice of dumping rubbish in quiet lanes, parking areas or even busy streets, rather than disposing of it properly at Civic Amenity or landfill sites. It is an increasing problem across the country and costs the taxpayer thousands of pounds per year to dispose of.

Hundreds of old tyres, scrap metal, tonnes of rubble and all other types of waste have to be cleared annually.

If you see anyone dumping rubbish, please telephone the Police, who will attend if possible. Try to obtain:

  • A good description of persons responsible
  • The Registration Number(s) of vehicle(s) concerned
  • The make and model of vehicle (if possible)

Do not attempt to tackle the offender yourself:

Dumped rubbish should also be reported to the Council during office hours and, if requiring urgent attention, via our Out of Hours Service during evenings and weekends. We also have an Online Fly Tipping Report Form that you may find convenient to use and get the information directly to the people who can sort out the problem..

  • Office hours 01322 343434
  • Out of hours 0345 634 1212

The Council can only remove dumped rubbish from public land. Rubbish dumped on private land is the responsibility of the landowner.

Environmental Enforcement Team:

The Environmental Enforcement Team investigates criminal offences of fly tipping, graffiti, fly posting, illegal encampments and nuisance motor vehicles.