Empty Property Strategy:

Empty properties and derelict land have an adverse effect on the community socially, economically, and environmentally. To counter these costs Dartford Borough Council has developed an Empty Property Strategy.

The aims of this Empty Property Strategy

  • Is to get previously empty properties and derelict land back into productive use
  • To stop empty properties attracting crime, anti-social behaviour, vandalism, rubbish dumping, rodents and pests
  • To stop empty properties depreciating neighbouring property values
  • To fully utilise the available housing and reduce the need for new development particularly on green field land, so minimising the carbon footprint involved

The following methods are used by the Council to achieve these aims:

  • Ensure the availability and effective use of information on empty homes
  • Develop effective partnership working within the Council and with external partners
  • Raise awareness of empty properties in Dartford
  • Encourage reuse through the supply of information, advice, and support to empty property owners
  • Take enforcement action where appropriate

Empty Property Advice Sheet for Landlords

If you want to discuss any aspect of our empty property work or have any suggestions on tackling empty properties please contact the Empty Property Officer, Private Sector Housing Team on 01322 343152.

Further advice for empty property owners can be found at www.no-use-empty.org

Report an empty property on-line