The HSO is not allowed to become involved in your financial affairs or handle your money in any way. Please do not ask them. The HSO will, however, be able to advise you about claiming benefits or help you to access expert advice for any financial issues you may have.

  • Your Rent - for advice on how to pay your rent and information about claiming benefits, see the leaflets entitled ‘Moving in’ and ‘Paying rent’. A Benefits Officer will be happy to make an appointment to visit you at home if necessary
  • Service charges – these are for the upkeep of communal facilities, such as the laundry equipment, heating the communal lounge, door entries and cleaning the communal windows. Different schemes incur different charges depending upon the size of the scheme and the facilities available. Some service charges are covered by housing benefit


Dartford Borough Council insures the fabric of the building itself and the communal areas, but your own furniture and effects are your responsibility. We strongly advise you to take out comprehensive household contents insurance.