When do I have to pay my rent:

Your rent is payable in advance on Monday of every week. As long as you pay in advance you can pay your rent weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

The rent you have to pay each year is calculated over 48 weeks. There are 4 free weeks when no rent is due. However, if you have rent arrears you must continue to pay in these rent free weeks to reduce your arrears. 

When do I have to pay service charges:

Leaseholder service charges are payable quarterly on the first working day of the quarter (June, September, December and March) in accordance with your lease agreement.

How can I pay:

The Council offers a variety of payment methods to make it easy for you to pay your rent and service charges. These are set out below:


Tenants and leaseholders can use the secure online payment option.

For rent and service charge payments, you will need to have your Debit/Credit Card details and rent or service charge account number handy. It will take 2 working days for the payment to show on your account.

Direct Debit:

This is the easiest and most secure method of paying your rent. You can now pay by weekly Direct Debit (payable every Monday) or by monthly Direct Debit collected on four dates each month, 1st, 9th, 16th and 23rd. You can complete the relevant Direct Debit Form below or contact the Rents Section on 01322 343134 for further information.

Standing Order:

If you would like to pay by Bankers standing order, please contact one of the Housing Assistants on 01322 343134 who will provide you with a form to complete and forward to your bank or building society. You are responsible for telling your bank about any changes in the amounts to be paid each year. Rent charges are reviewed each year in line with Government guidelines, so it is likely that the amount of your standing order will change every April. Bankers Standing orders are payable monthly in advance.

Debit or Credit Card:

The Council can accept payment by Switch, Visa Debit, Mastercard, Visa, Electron or Solo.

Cash or cheque:

Cash payments can be made at the Post Office, using your Rent Payment swipe card.

Cheques should be made payable to Dartford Borough Council and crossed "A/C Payee". Please make sure that you write your address as well as your rent or service charge account number on the back of your cheque. Please send your cheques to the address below.

Electronic Payment Card (Swipe Card):

An Electronic Payment Card (Swipe Card) will be sent to you within 3 weeks of taking up your tenancy. You must take this card with you if you want to pay by cash or cheque at any post office or outlet showing the Payzone symbol. The cashier will issue a paper receipt for your payment. Make sure you keep these receipts safe to check against your next quarterly rent statement.


Please have your Debit/Credit card and rent or service charge account number or invoice number ready when you telephone. The Council can only accept payment by Switch, Visa Debit, MasterCard, Visa, Electron or Solo.

Touch Tone:

The fully automated payment service telephone number is 0345 634 3001, and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Payments will show on your account after 2 working days.


To pay by post, send your crossed cheque or postal order to:

Dartford Borough Council
Civic Centre,
Home Gardens

Remember to write your address and rent or service charge account number on the back of your cheque, which must be made payable to Dartford Borough Council and crossed "A/C Payee".