We hope you will feel very secure living in our scheme accommodation, but there are certain precautions we ask you to take to protect everyone's safety.

  • Doors - all enclosed schemes, ie: those with a communal front door, have buzzer entry systems, so the entry door must be kept shut at all times. The front door to your home should be kept locked at all times as there are many different people entering and leaving the scheme every day. In this type of scheme we ask you not to fit any extra bolts or chains, so that in an emergency the HSO can gain access using the master key
  • Callers - please always ask visitors to identify themselves. If you have any doubt about who they are and why they are calling on you, do not let them in and notify the HSO or the control centre immediately. In enclosed schemes, where a camera is installed at the main door entry, always check your television to see who is at the door before you release the lock
  • Fire Precautions - when you move into a scheme, the HSO will instruct you on what to do if there is a fire in your home or if the fire alarm is activated somewhere in the building. Keep fire doors closed at all times. From time to time, the HSO will test the fire equipment - we require your full co-operation on these occasions. Follow the instructions on the fire signs and notices around the communal areas of the building
  • Visitors - if you have visitors, please make sure they sign in the visitors book so that they are recorded as additional persons in the building, for fire safety reasons. If you want to have a visitor stay overnight, some schemes have a guest room that your visitors can use for a small fee. If you would like to book the room, please contact your HSO
  • REMEMBER - everyone has a part to play in his or her own security and safety, and that of the building

Alarm system:

Every home has an alarm system installed, which means that in an emergency you can call to get help. The system is completely private and the HSO cannot overhear anything said in your flat, except when the alarm is activated.

You have full control over your privacy. If you have an emergency of any kind – for example, an accident, a fall, or you are suddenly taken ill – please use the alarm to notify the HSO or the control centre. They will immediately get in touch with whoever is necessary, for example, an ambulance, your doctor, a member of staff, Social Services, or your friends and family.

If you pull the cord or press the pendant unintentionally, do not worry – just say clearly that you are all right and the call was a mistake.

The Control Centre:

All of the Council’s housing schemes are connected to the control centre, which is available 24 hours and provides a response when the HSO is not on the scheme. The control centre has access to your records so that they can contact the right people to help you.

Changes of information you give the HSO, such as a new telephone number of a family member, will be shared with the control centre so that operators can continue to respond to your calls promptly and accurately.