Site condition: 

After the event, another inspection should be carried out to make sure nothing has been left on the site that could be hazardous to future users. This inspection should also identify any damage, which may have been caused during the event.

If any structures are left overnight, ensured they are left in a safe condition and are safe from vandalism etc. If numerous structures are left, specific security arrangements may be required.


If an accident occurs, the names and addresses of witnesses should be obtained, photographs taken and a report made by the organisers. An accident report should be completed and a copy sent to the landowner. You will also need to advise your own insurance company.

If any accident or dangerous occurrence is reported, action must be taken to prevent any further incidents taking place. Keep a copy of all completed accident forms available for Council Officers.


Should any person declare an intention to make a claim following an alleged incident associated with the event, you should contact your insurers immediately. They may also require a completed accident form.


After the event organise a debrief so that any lessons learnt can be noted.