As the event you will need to arrange insurance cover to indemnify yourself against civil litigation. This is referred to as 'Public Liability Insurance'. The normal minimum cover should be £5million. Seek expert opinion about your particular needs which may necessitate a greater figure.

Ensure your contractors and performers have their own insurance cover. If you are part of a national charity or a voluntary group, contact your headquarters. You may already be insured or have access to discounted rates.

The Council is not able to offer Public Liability Insurance for events arranged by members of the public or other organisations.

Zurich Municipal, through their Community Insurance Centre (CIC), can offer Charities, Communities and Voluntary Sector Organisations valuable advice to enable these organisations to meet their risk management and insurance needs. They can be contacted via their website at:

Consider contacting a specialist insurance broker to arrange the coverage and amount of insurance cover well in advance of the event. Different policies may come with conditions which may be difficult to meet in practice and you should take this into account.

If you require a Road Closure Notice, you will need to arrange a minimum of £5million Public Liability Insurance and must indemnify Dartford Borough Council against all third parties. The Council will require proof of this cover in advance.

Consider taking out an insurance policy against bad weather (Pluvius). This is available from specialist brokers and can pay out if bad weather forces cancellation before the event is declared open.

Before you sign any policy, read the small print and check that all your liabilities are covered.