How long does a search take:

Our average turnaround time is currently 1-3  working days.

The department always aim to turn searches around the next working day. Our corporate target is 5 working days

Are you connected to NLIS (National Land Information Service):

Yes - currently at Level 3 and have been for several years. We are able to receive searches electronically together with a BACS payment. All completed searches received through NLIS are sent back to you by that channel.

Does it take longer for a commercial search:

No - all of our searches are treated with the same urgency and are carried out within the same timescales.

Do I need to send a plan:

Yes - all searches require a plan that clearly indicate, in red, the area that you would like to be searched. It is important that we can clearly identify the area or we may have to ask for further information and this could hold up the process. We can provide copies of ordnance survey plans.

Do you answer drainage enquiries:

See current web page.

Can I obtain copies of documents:

Yes- Copies of documents can be requested from the Local Land Charges Department

Do you offer an expedited service:

No - We treat all searches as urgent and are aware of how important this document can be in the conveyancing process. Given the current turnaround times there is no need for this service.

What is your cancellation policy:

You can cancel a search providing that work has not already started. Once the search has been accepted no refund will be given.