Submitting Searches:

Dartford Borough Council now processes all Local Land Charge searches electronically.

As such we will no longer accept cheques or paper copies of the prescribed forms.

To provide our customers with an effective and economical search service, Dartford Borough Council has signed up with electronic search providers.

We have made the change to the electronic service as it has a number of benefits over a postal search:

  • IT IS CHEAPER - Our costs are significantly less than for a postal search so we pass that saving on to you. There is also no cost to use the post or the DX
  • IT IS QUICKER - It reduces your turnaround time. Electronic results are returned to you within minutes of completion. It is also quicker to submit electronically than it is to send through the post/DX
  • IT IS GREENER - It withdraws the need for printing and processing paper copies
  • IT IS EASY - The electronic search provides an easy to use facility for your search needs

Our internal deadline for electronic searches is 2 working days rather than 10 working days

The sites that you can use to submit an online search are:

Dartford Local Land Charges Direct

Index PI



Search Flow

Thames Water

TM Group

Some of the services use NLIS protocols to provide links to Dartford Borough Council.

The links above to the websites should provide you with all the information that you need to submit an online search to Dartford Borough Council.

Contact us at Dartford Borough Council land Charges Team