The Council employ staff at each scheme to clean the lounge, guest room and other communal areas. You are responsible for the cleaning of your own home, including the windows. If cleaning is a problem, please tell the Housing Scheme Officer who will advise you how you can get help.


Refuse sacks or Eurobins are provided. Please help us by securely wrapping up kitchen waste before throwing it away and keeping the refuse area and bin cupboards clean and tidy. Please ensure that you use the correct bins for the type of refuse you are disposing - green bins are for general waste including food scraps, and grey bins are for recyclable goods such as paper, card and recyclable plastics. There may be a separate bin for glass. Most bins are clearly labelled for the type of waste they will take.


If your home includes a private garden you may be able to get assistance with cutting the grass, but you will be responsible for all other areas such as planted borders. If the scheme garden is only for communal use, it is maintained completely by the Council's contractor. A communal garden is for the use and enjoyment of all tenants.


If a repair cannot wait until the next working day, pull your alarm cord or press your pendant to report it to your Housing Scheme Officer or the Control Centre, who will arrange for a contractor to attend. Check the identity of all contractors coming to your home.


We ask you to discuss your plans for any alterations to your home with the Housing Scheme Officer before starting. This is because changes, such as trimming the bottom of doors, may affect fire safety or security.