Improvements to Your Home:

You may make improvements to your home, including a new kitchen, bathroom and toilet and outside painting. You must contact your Housing Officer to agree to any of these changes in writing first and the work must be completed to an agreed standard.

Some tenants are choosing to fit laminated flooring in their homes. You should obtain permission from your Housing Officer as you will be responsible for lifting the flooring should access be required by the Council's contractor in order to repair a problem under the flooring.

Naturally, every effort will be made to avoid causing damage but we would remind you of the difficulties that may arise.

To ask for permission to carry out a home improvement you should write to your Housing Officer or complete a Request to make a Home Improvement Form

Compensation for Improvements:

If your tenancy is coming to an end, you may be able to get compensation from the Council for the improvements you have made.

You have the right to compensation for certain improvements, such as a new bathroom, toilet, kitchen, central heating and energy efficiency and home security improvements.

You may also be able to get compensation for other improvements you have made.

Ask your Housing Officer if the improvements are eligible for compensation. You can only apply for compensation when your tenancy ends - which is usually when you move.

You will need to show the Council bills for the work done.

The Council will work out how much compensation to pay you. This will depend on the work you have had done and how long ago the work was done.

For more information about how the right to claim compensation for improvement works, please ask your Housing Officer or view our Right to Compensation for Improvements Policy