Residents storing items in communal areas and landings, and within gas/electricity cupboards put lives at risk. Immediate action is taken in areas where residents risk health and safety, by storing items in these areas.

The procedure applies to all residents regardless of tenure and may include areas outside of flats.

The Process:

  • Items identified during Fire Safety Risk Assessments, or during routine inspections, are photographed and a green warning label is attached to the item, giving the owner 7 days to remove the item from the area
  • If the item is not removed, a further red warning label is used, giving the owner 24 hours to remove the item
  • Items not removed after the issuing of a red label, will be kept for a maximum of 28 days and then disposed of
  • Any item causing a serious risk will be removed immediately, including highly flammable materials

The Council takes the health and safety of its residents extremely seriously and making sure that anyone living within or visiting our housing estates are as safe as possible. Both Council staff and its contractors are trained in assessing the risks and action that must be taken to deal with them.

Residents must remember:

  • All exit routes and landings must be kept clear
  • Anything found in these areas will be removed
  • Residents must get permission from the Council before putting a gate on the area in front of the property
  • Flammable materials must NOT be stored anywhere in communal or landing areas
  • No carpets are allowed in communal hallway as they are a fire risk and trip hazard. Any found will be disposed of
  • Cupboards for gas and/or electric must not be used for storage. We will dispose of anything found in them

Kent Fire and Rescue Service provide further advice on how to keep yourself safe if a fire breaks out in high rise accommodation.