Do you have a good neighbour? Are there any unsung heroes in your community?

We'd like to recognise and say a massive 'thank you' to our tenants who go the extra mile to help their neighbours and community.

Throughout the year, we'll present our tenants who've made a positive difference to their neighbours and community with A Good Neighbour Thank You card. 

There are all sorts of ways someone can make a positive difference to their neighbours and community. Even a small act of kindness can have a huge impact. Examples could include:

  • helping a neighbour with practical tasks, such as their shopping, collecting prescriptions, walking a dog, gardening, putting out the bins, filling in forms.
  • checking in on a neighbour who may be experiencing loneliness and isolation.
  • being a friendly face around the neighbourhood who brightens up people's day.
  • organising community events to bring neighbours together.
  • charity work that has directly benefitted the community.
  • generally being a 'good tenant', such as keeping their home and garden to exceptional standard, maintaining communal areas, and working with us on developing policies and procedures.

We'd like to celebrate our tenants who make our communities great places to live. If you know someone who you think should receive a thank you and recognition for what they've done, please complete and return a Nomination Form to us.

Please tell us who you are and who the person is you wish to nominate. Tell us why you've nominated them in your own words - up to a maximum of 100 words.

The person you nominate should be a Dartford Borough Council tenant and contribute positively to the lives of people or someone in their community.