From Monday 28 February 2022, the management of all existing garage tenancies with the Council will be provided by:  

Secure Parking & Storage (SPS)
Watford Branch
13 Western Road
Stratford Upon Avon
CV37 0AH

Tel: 01322 479044



From 28 February 2022, all enquiries regarding garages should be directed to SPS on 01322 479044

SPS will honour all the existing terms of the Council’s current weekly tenancy agreements, including the rent for 2021-2022 which will be converted to a monthly rent, and new monthly tenancy agreements will be issued by SPS on behalf of Dartford Borough Council for all new tenanc ies from that date. 

From 01 April 2022, all rent payments should be made direct to SPS.  Please do not contact the Council after this date as we will not be able to assist you.   We will cancel existing Direct Debits after the last payment is taken in March 2022 and SPS will provide a new direct debit mandate for garage tenants to complete and return.  Garage tenants who currently pay their rent by cash should make alternative arrangements by calling SPS on 01322 479044 or emailing  Rent payments made by any other method, such as bankers standing order, should be cancelled direct with the relevant bank. 

The attached Fact Sheet provides further information.

The Council owns garages which are available to rent in the following areas of the Borough:

  • Bean
  • Bexley
  • Darenth
  • Dartford (Fulwich Road and Mayfair Road)
  • Fleet Estate
  • Greenhithe
  • Hawley
  • Stone
  • Sutton at Hone
  • Swanscombe
  • Temple Hill
  • The Homestead
  • Wilmington

The current gross weekly charges from 05 April 2021 to 31 March 2022 are £15.10 (for Council tenants and leaseholders - no VAT included) and £17.92 (for non-Council tenants - VAT included).  These weekly rents will be converted to a monthly rent figure of £60.40 for Council tenants and leaseholders and £72.48 for private individuals. 

Please note the following rental conditions:

New tenancies will always start on a Monday. Please contact SPS on 01322 479044 for further information on how to rent a garage.

Applicants must be 18 years of age or over and must provide two forms of ID (one with their photo and one with their address, driving licence is sufficient for both), their Date of birth and their National insurance number.  Council tenants must also provide a copy of their tenancy agreement to avoid paying VAT on their garage rental.

The rent is payable by Direct Debit on 1st of each month, Bankers standing order, instant bank transfer and over the phone on 01322 479044.  Rent should be paid monthly in advance. One month’s rent is payable in advance when you collect your keys and the tenancy must remain in credit for the duration of its term.

Garages in the area requested are not always immediately available. If there are no vacancies at the time you express your interest, your details will be placed on a waiting list

Garages are allocated according to the date of application

Generally the garages are 2m wide by 1.9m high by 5m deep.

If you would like to rent a garage, please contact SPS at