What is tenancy fraud:

Tenancy fraud is where a Council-owned property is occupied by someone who is not entitled to be there. Examples would be subletting a property without permission, or giving false information to obtain a tenancy.

Why is tenancy fraud wrong:

The Council has a limited number of homes available to let so these have to be prioritised and go to those in most housing need. People who commit tenancy fraud are housing cheats that deprive other people in genuine need from re-housing.

What does Dartford Borough Council do about tenancy fraud:

Dartford Borough Council will investigate all cases where tenancy fraud is suspected in its properties. We may visit and ask to see identification, and run checks to see if the person in occupation has the right to be there. We take tenancy fraud very seriously and will press for eviction if we find out that it is happening in any of our tenancies.

How can you report tenancy fraud:

You can call us using the Fraud Hotline number (01732 227299) and speak to a trained investigator. Or you can leave a message on the unlawful-subletting hotline (0800 032 0031). Or you can Contact the Tenancy Fraud Team

All calls will be treated in the strictest of confidence and every report will be investigated. You can remain anonymous, or you can leave your name and contact details.

You can also report tenancy fraud in person by visiting Dartford Borough Council, Civic Centre, Home Gardens, Dartford, Kent, DA1 1DR.

Or you can report it using the: Contact the Tenancy Fraud Team

To find out more about what the Council does to stamp out tenancy fraud view a copy of our Tenancy Fraud Policy