Dartford Council Leader's advice to residents ahead of Storm Eunice


The Met Office has issued a rare RED weather warning in relation to parts of the UK as Storm Eunice races towards us overnight and into Friday.

Here in Dartford, we’re taking some basic steps to keep our civic buildings and public spaces secure, but there are some simple, common sense steps that EVERY household and business can take too.

Please take the opportunity before the peak of the high winds to think about things in your own home, garden, and business that might be vulnerable to Storm Eunice.

Think about shed and greenhouse windows. Are they secure? Are any fence panels loose? Make sure you secure any doors, gates and garages BEFORE you go to bed tonight.

Think too about loose items around your property. Items like wheelie bins, garden trampolines, outdoor furniture and garden umbrellas could be no match for the highest of winds so it’s worth making them secure or storing them away.

Loose bags or piles of DIY material, rubbish or anything loose in your garden might be vulnerable too.

Take some time to think about what unusually high winds might do to all the movable things, and some fixed things too, around your property.

Don’t forget pets and animals too. If they are usually outside, it might be worth bringing them in or at least making sure any shelter for them is secure.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

When it comes to your own personal safety, think carefully about whether journeys by you and your family are really necessary. Bear in mind that some road and rail networks could be impacted and it’s highly likely that the Dartford Bridge will be closed for all or part over the next couple of days and until the weather warnings are lifted.

The Council’s own contractors are currently planning to be out there delivering services but do bear in mind that some services like playgrounds, waste collection, housing repairs and public spaces could be impacted or suspended depending on the severity of the weather.

If you are concerned about leaving bins out for waste collections please take a ‘safety first’ approach. If necessary, we will provide some extra shifts and resources to help catch up when Storm Eunice is over.

A RED weather warning is relatively rare so it’s worth taking some extra common-sense steps to keep yourself, your community and your property safe.

Jeremy Kite

Leader of the Council

Published: 17th February 2022