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Vehicle Access Markings:

A Vehicle Access Marking (VAM) is the white line installed in front of a 'vehicle crossover' (dropped kerb) to a property and it provides a visual clue for other drivers not to obstruct the crossover.

A VAM is a prescribed road marking and they are installed in front of the 'flat kerbstones' of a crossover plus may be extended up to one meter either side within the property boundary. Households with crossovers that are joined to a neighbour's should discuss the installation with their neighbour because a VAM is installed across the full length of the crossover. Households must apply separately for their respective VAM.

VAMs do not provide enforcement powers for the Council's Civil Enforcement Officers and the enforcement power for obstruction for access and egress remains with the local police force. However, households with VAM installations confirm that drivers respect the marking and access to their property is always clear.

A VAM installation, or the re-painting of one, is £75 and VAM applications can be made using the Council's permit application system.