Community Infrastructure Levy

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a charge on development to contribute to funding infrastructure. It will help to pay for things such as schools, health facilities and transport improvements, necessary to support new development.

  • For local community groups and residents: find out more about the part of CIL specifically reserved for supporting suitable Neighbourhood Projects.
  • For landowners and developers: useful  information and necessary forms (including on exemptions, CIL rates and the Dartford CIL Charging Schedule) is provided here.

Further information on Borough-wide new infrastructure and development contributions:

Dartford Council's inputs to new infrastructure for the Borourgh, and those who provide infrastructure, are guided by the Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) for Dartford. It categories and explains potential infrastructure schemes based on their current funding status, informed by our working with delivery partners (e.g. Kent County Council, the NHS and Environment Agency).

The Dartford Local Plan used in planning decisions co-ordinates Borough development and new infrastructure. Further documents on infrastructure planning and local transport by Dartford Council are available in support of the new Local Plan (scroll down to the Infrastructure heading). This includes a Future Infrastructure Statement (webpage document reference INF-3), covering new infrastructure programmes expected to be delivered by other organisations, and plans for wider and longer-term infrastructure needs to support development areas.

Details of the developer contribution monies received through both CIL and Section 106 Agreements is now reported on an annual basis through Dartford's Infrastructure Statement 2021/22 which supersedes the previous annual CIL monitoring reports. The Infrastructure Funding Statement also sets out what the developer contributions have been used for and, where they remain unspent, what infrastructure is intended to be delivered using the contributions.