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Launch the Interactive Policies Map for Dartford

Use this map to find out which policies affect your location of interest. Below are a series of tips on how to best navigate the map.

Navigation Tips

  • Pan-across the map - Click, hold and drag the map to your preferred location. Zoom in and out buttons are in the top left or you can use the mouse wheel
  • Locate your address - Type the postcode or any part of your address in the 'Search' box (top left) to find the address and click search
  • Legend – Click on the icon in the top right. This shows how the policies are displayed 
  • Layers - Click on the icon in the top right. This is where you can turn policies on and off so that you can see fewer or more together 
  • Identify the policies - Click on the property or land of interest to identify the policies that apply. This will produced a information box. Use the arrows on the top right to navigate through multiple policies. Some of these policies will be site or area specific whilst others will apply borough-wide
  • Policy details - Click on the ‘More info’ link under document link which will take you to the relevant policy in the Core Strategy of Development Policies Plan
  • Area of interest report - This will generate a report showing what policy designations are in an area. Click on the icon in the top right, select the method for how you would like to draw, draw around the area of interest, set a buffer (optional), click report, click the print icon 

Please contact the Planning Policy Team on 01322 343128 if you have any queries over using the Interactive Map.