Landlords who let accommodation have a responsibility to ensure that it is maintained to a good standard of repair.

There are certain repairs which will almost always be your landlord's responsibility, whether or not they are specifically mentioned in the tenancy agreement. These are:-

  • The structure - roofs, walls, windows, gutters, etc
  • Installations in the property for the supply of gas, water and electricity, including baths, WCs, sinks, etc
  • Installations for heating water - gas boilers, immersion heaters and space heating - storage heaters, radiators, gas fires, etc

In addition, the property should be free from damp, structurally stable, properly ventilated and have bathroom and kitchen facilities.

If there are problems with disrepair, in the first instance the legal Tenant is generally advised to inform the Landlord in writing of any defects and ask for these to be rectified within a reasonable period from the date of the letter. You should keep a copy of this letter.

Please contact the Private Sector Housing Team for help and advice if:

  • You are still unsure if your landlord is responsible for the repairs
  • If you feel that the defect(s) pose an immediate danger to you
  • After a reasonable time period (usually 28 days is sufficient), your Landlord has not carried out repairs

We will normally arrange to visit your property to inspect the disrepair and advise on the action, including enforcement action if necessary, we can take to get repairs carried out.

For properties which are let as Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO's) there are extra responsibilities. You can find information about these on the Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) page.

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