Gas Safety Register:

All gas engineers must be on the Gas Safe Register™ to carry out gas work lawfully. Landlords are required to ensure that annual maintenance and safety checks are completed on gas appliances by a Gas Safe Register engineer. Be gas safe. For more information go to Gas-Safe-Register

Gas Safety Information:

If you smell gas or think you are being affected by fumes from a gas appliance call National Gas Emergency Service free on 0800 111999 without delay.

What to Do If You Smell Gas:

  • Don't smoke or strike matches
  • Don't turn electrical switches on or off
  • Do put out naked flames
  • Do open doors and windows
  • Do keep people away from the affected area
  • Do turn off the meter at the control valve

All gas appliances provided in rented properties must by law have an annual safety check. Such appliances include cookers, water heaters, boilers and wall heaters.

Your landlord is responsible for arranging this check and once completed you must be provided with a copy of the Landlord Gas Safety Check Certificate.

Any defects found during this check should either be repaired or the appliance renewed.

Gas appliances in rooms used for sleeping - Any room used as sleeping accommodation should not contain certain types of gas appliances - see FAQ on HSE website

Further advice about gas safety is available from the Health and Safety Executive, the organisation responsible for enforcing gas safety. HSE

If a gas appliance appears faulty or has broken down you should report this to your landlord or agent (as described previously). However, if this does not resolve the problem please contact the Private Sector Housing Team for advice by telephoning 01322 343152 or Contact the Private Sector Housing Team.

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