Town & Country Home Improvement Agency offer a wide range of services with the aim of helping you feel safe, comfortable and independent in your home. For example, you may find using the bathroom a struggle; they can help to get it adapted so it's easier for you to use.

How they can help:

They can support customers to:

  • Make adaptations to your home to make it more accessible and easier to use
  • Apply for grants from the local authority to pay for major works
  • Investigate self-funding options
  • Find insured and vetted surveyors and building contractors to carry out works
  • Get advice on issues affecting your home such as rising damp or roof work
  • Link in with local health services and housing options
  • Get advice and information on a range of other services that might offer additional help within the local area

What else can they do:

They also offer a handyperson service designed to help you with odd jobs and minor repairs, provided by their own DBS-checked staff at a clearly defined hourly rate.

If you would like to find out more, please see their website here: Home Improvement Agency - Town & Country Housing (

or Telephone: 0800 028 3172