The Waste Disposal Authority for all household waste within Dartford is Kent County Council.

They have large scale contracts for the disposal of waste via recycling, composting and landfill and provide the facilities through which Dartford Borough Council and other local authorities within Kent can dispose of the waste they collect.

Commercial waste collection from business premises is not included within the Business Rate, and is not the responsibility of either Dartford Borough or Kent County Councils. Companies must make their own arrangements for their waste collection and recycling or disposal through properly licensed waste contractors.

Where does it go, what happens to it:

Transportation of large volumes of waste to other areas (such as Essex) is not environmentally friendly. Therefore, since 2006, general household waste from Dartford residents has been transported to Allington near Maidstone, where it is treated in a state of the art 'Energy from Waste' facility. For more information regarding this, please visit the Kent Enviropower pages of the FCC Environment website

Dry recyclable items, collected in your grey wheelie bins and glass from your small black boxes, are taken to a site in Crayford, managed by Viridor and processed at one it its 'next generation' of Material Recycling Facilities (MRF's). The technologies used are now so sophisticated that they are able to recover approximately 95% of materials that go through the site.

Garden waste that is collected from residents who sign up to this service, is transported to an organic composting facility in Swanley, whereby it goes through an open windrow composting process. This method of treatment requires the green waste to be turned weekly over an 8-12 week period in which time it generates compost aimed for sale within the agricultural (8 week) or horticultural (12 week) markets. For more information regarding this practice, please visit the Tamar Organics web page of the Tamar Energy site

If you have any further questions regarding waste disposal within the borough, please do not hesitate to contact us Online: Contact the Recycling Team.