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Energy efficiency and conservation

The Council is responsible under the Home Energy Conservation Act to report on the percentage of energy efficiency improvements in the housing stock in the Borough. The Council also works in partnership with other agencies to advise, educate and promote energy efficiency schemes, grants and discounts to residents in the Borough.

The Council's Current Energy Saving Initiatives

Energy Deal – Switch Together – Collective Switching

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The Energy Deal collective switching campaign launched on 10 December and can help you do just that

What is collective energy switching?Image of Energy Deal logo

Collective switching is when likeminded consumers group together to negotiate a better deal for gas and electricity.

Collective switching typically involved a third party who actively negotiates on behalf of the consumers they represent. The Energy Deal scheme is led by a number of the local district councils in Kent, working in partnership with iChoosr as part of the Big Community Switch.

Who is it for?

Energy Deal is aimed at bill paying householders. The scheme aims to make switching simpler for those participating by providing a competitive price, without the need for individuals to shop around to compare tariffs. Ideal for those who are new to switching, support is provided throughout the registration and switching process.

How do I join?

Energy Deal is free to join and requires no obligation to switch your supplier. Anyone can participate via the scheme’s website.

If you have computer access, you can help friends and family who don’t - you can register up to five households using the same email address.

You will need your annual energy statement or recent bills to hand to complete the registration.

Register by 17 February 2014 at www.energydealswitch.com. 

Warm Homes Scheme in Dartford – SAVE ENERGY – SAVE MONEY! update

The Government announced in their Autumn 2013 Statement that there will be changes to the funding for energy efficiency measures. 

At present we are not able to confirm how this will impact on the funding assistance offered under the Warm Homes scheme in the longer term but the contractor operating the Warm Homes Scheme for Kent has confirmed that over the coming months they will be focussing on delivering measures which have already been identified in the County.

ECO Affordable Warmth (HHCRO – Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation)

As part of the Warm Homes programme funding has been provided to deliver measures under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) Affordable Warmth (HHCRO) stream.

To be eligible for the HHCRO residents must be in a private property (owned or rented) and must be in receipt of certain benefits.

Measures through this could include heating systems (including boiler repair or replacement and heating controls where eligible).

Winter Warmth Programme

Additional public pealth funding, through the Winter Warmth Programme, may be available to top up heating costs for elderly residents where the full cost cannot be covered by ECO funding.

To qualify for Winter Warmth funding residents must be over 65 years of age, living in a cold home and have a specified medical condition.


The Warm Homes Scheme is the only energy efficiency scheme that Dartford Borough Council and Kent County Council currently support.

Enterprise is delivering this project in partnership with both Councils.

If you receive a visit to your property in relation to energy efficiency please ask to see an identification badge. 
All employees from Enterprise will be wearing an Enterprise identification badge.

For further information please contact environmental.promotions@dartford.gov.uk or 01322 343056.


Home Energy Conservation Act (1995) March 2013 Report

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) have replaced existing statutory guidance on the Home Energy Conservation Act (1995) with a revised version.

All English Authorities with housing responsibilities are asked to prepare a report setting out the local energy conservation measures that the authority or group of authorities consider practical, cost effective and likely to significantly improve the energy efficiency of residential accommodation in its area.

The guidance asks authorities to publish their first report by 31 March 2013.  Authorities are then required to report progress on 31 March 2015. 

The Dartford Home Energy and Fuel Poverty Action Plan 2012 – 2015 March 2013 Report was noted at Dartford Borough Council Cabinet 7 March 2013 Item 166.


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