Deciding to leave home or move on is a big decision, not to be taken lightly. We hope this page can explain the housing options which are available to young people in Dartford.

All contact details can be found in the section 'Helpful Contacts'. 

Our housing advice page explains how to access urgent housing, and sets out the help available for those who are pregnant, university students or who are having problems living on their own. 

I want to move on, what are my options? 

If you're aged 18 + the following options are available:

1. Private Sector Housing:

You can approach any local letting agent to find available properties in the area. You can also find properties and rooms to rent by looking in local papers, checking shop windows, searching websites etc. For more information why not check out the Council's advice guide 'Looking for Private Rented Accommodation'

  • Average price to rent a room in Dartford is about £70-100 per week and £150 to rent a one bedroom house/flat
  • Housing benefit for a single young person in Dartford is about £70-80 a week

2. YMCA:

The YMCA has accommodation for single people (18-25yrs), ranging from en-suite bedrooms with shared kitchens to one bedroom self contained flats. Housing benefit is accepted. Contact YMCA Thames Gateway for more information.

3. Social housing:

If you are interested in Council or Housing Association housing, then you need to contact the Council. The Council will ask you to complete an application form to go on the housing register, however housing is limited and only those with a high need are likely to find a property.

4. Low cost ownership:

If you earn above £18,000 per year and want to buy your own home, then with a deposit, you can join the Homebuy scheme to access newly built shared ownership, shared equity and discounted sale housing. Contact Moat for more details.

If you're aged 17 or under:

We can work together and ensure that you do not continue to be away from home but we can't give you your own place because your not allowed you own tenancy.

What to do:

Go to Dartford Civic Centre, the YMCA or Dartford Connexions where you will be asked a few basic questions and we will get together with the Young Persons Team who are dedicated to working with you and your family. Alternatively you complete our Online form.

Where to go:

  • Dartford Borough Council and Children's Specialist Services
    Civic Centre
    Home Gardens
    DA1 1DR
  • YMCA
    The Roundhouse
    Overy Street
    Kent DA1 1UP

  • Dartford Connexions
    31-33 Hythe Street
    Kent DA1 1BE

I'm pregnant. Are there any other housing options for me?

There is some supported housing in the Borough for mothers and babies. Contact the Council for more details.

I need somewhere to stay tonight, where can I go? 

If you are aged 18 or over you can book an appointment with the Council. If they are not able to help, then organisations such as Shelter or Porchlight may be able to.

How can I pay for housing?

If you need some help paying for housing you may be able to claim housing benefit (HB), but you may have to top this up with other benefits or your income. To find out about HB contact the Council, for other benefits contact your local Jobcentre Plus.

University Students:

Most university students will only be eligible to receive student finance and not income related benefits, this will mean that they will need to pay for their rent themselves. However there are exceptions - see DirectGov or approach your Jobcentre Plus for more details.

I'm having problems living on my own, who can help?

If you are having problems managing your money, applying for benefits, or if you need some friendly advice on signing up to a GP or accessing other services, contact Supporting People, for a free helping hand.

If you are having problems with your landlord or the person you are staying with, contact the Council who should be able to help you sort out the issues, whatever they may be.

Where can I get cheap furniture from:

There are a number of places where you can get good value second hand furniture. The Furniture Reuse Network website lists places which sell and collect second hand furniture, you may also be able to find free furniture from Freecycle

Helpful contacts:


Dartford Borough Council
Civic Centre, Home Gardens,
Tel: 01322 343114
Out of hours tel: 0345 634121 or Online: Contact the Housing Advice Team

Tel: 0800 5677699

Tel: 0300 3301234
Web: Shelter

Specialist Children's Services
Civic Centre,
Home Gardens,
Tel: 03000 41 11 11

Women's Aid
Tel: 0808 2000247
Web: Womensaid

Support, Education and Employment Services:

31-33 Hythe Street,
Tel: 01322 281214
Web: CXK

Jobcentre Plus
61 Lowfield Street,
Tel:0345 6043719
Web: DirectGov

Supporting People Tel: 0300 333 5540