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Description: Information on licensing in Dartford and how to apply for various licences
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Dartford Borough Council is the Licensing Authority under the Licensing Act 2003 and is responsible for granting premises licences, club premises certificates, temporary events notices and personal licences in the Borough in respect of the sale and/or supply of alcohol

Licensing Policy

The 2003 Act requires that the Licensing Authority publish a 'Statement of Licensing Policy' that sets out the policies they will generally apply to promote the licensing objectives when making decisions on applications made under the Act.

Subsequently, all licenses for pubs, clubs, off-licences, late night takeaways and registered clubs, are administered by the Council.

The Licensing Act 2003 - HMSO -

Guidance to the Licensing Act can be found at -

You can see details of the full range of licences applications, many of which can be completed online, at  the Government Licence Finder Website.

Personal Licence Renewals

Government have rescinded the requirement to renew Personal Licences as of April 2015 and therefore they now remain in force indefinitely unless revoked or suspended. Dartford Borough Council will continue to administer your licence including any change of address or personal details. Should you wish to have an updated photo-card with the expiry date removed (this is not compulsory), you will need to provide an up to date passport photograph and the prescribed fee of £10.50.

Tacit Consents

We aim to determine your application in line with the Tacit Consents outlined within the Licensing Act 2003 and the Gambling Act 2005. In the event that your application is not determined within that period, under the Provision of Services Regulations 2009, tacit consent is deemed to have been granted by the Council.

  • Gambling licences

    The Gambling Act 2005 introduces wholesale changes in how gambling will be licensed in Great Britain. It transfers the responsibility for the licensing of gaming premises from the Magistrates to local authorities, and introduces for the first time, a unified regulator for gambling, the Gambling Commission.

  • Taxi licensing

    The Council, as a Licensing Authority, must make sure that anyone wanting to drive a taxi or a private hire car (mini-cab) or operate a mini-cab business has the appropriate licences before they can carry fare paying passengers.Taxi licensing
  • Temporary Event Notice

    If you are organising an event you may need to apply for a Temporary Event Notice

  • New Premises Licence Applications and Variations in consultation

    Details of new premises licence applications and variations in consultation
  • Current consultations

    Each Local Authority must adopt and publish a 'Statement of Licensing Policy' every five years. The purpose of the Policy is to set out the principles the Local Authority will apply when carrying out its role under the Act.
  • Charitable Collections

    Information on the type of of licence you need and how to apply

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