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Advice, guidance and downloadable documents

09 Jun 2017 12:40pm

For Householders Applications

This section provides guidance for householders on various aspects of the Planning system and requirements for applications.

For Non-householder  Applications

This section provides guidance on various aspects of the Planning system and requirements for applications, and information relating to Strategic Transport Contributions.

Solicitor Requests and Copies of Documentation

If you require copies of  documents, this helpful information will help you to find this on our website, also dealing with compliance of conditions and general information on Building Control documentation.

Pre-Application Advice and Charges

We encourage and welcome the opportunity to provide advice before an application is made. There are considerable benefits in seeking advice before making an application.

Planning Performance Agreements

An agreement between a local planning authority and an applicant to provide a project management framework for handling a major planning application' or complex applications which are likely to go beyond the statutory timescale for determination.