Name: Latest News and Forthcoming Consultations
Description: The Core Strategy provides a long-term vision for the Borough and a broad framework for development. The Development Management Plan will develop the policies and proposals set out in the Core Strategy and will supplement them. It will establish more detailed requirements and criteria that all developments will need to meet.
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Latest News and Forthcoming Consultations

New Online Policies Map

Dartford has unveiled the online and interactive version of the Borough's Policies Map.Find policies from the Dartford Core Strategy and Development Policies Local Plans for any location, and other useful area designations!

New Infrastructure

An updated Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) PDF, 1330.49 KB December 2018 sets out some of the key projects/ new facilities that are planned for the Borough.  Further infrastructure for the long term sustainable development of Dartford is being explored and promoted, such as C2E. (extending the Elizabeth Line tube eastwards to the Borough).

Dartford's Future Local Plan

You can find out more on the evidence and public consultation so far on a new local plan.  Or see the general bulletin of 2018/19   PDF, 1444.91 KB  for residents and members of the public on Dartford Planning Policy.  Public involvement on the next stage of Local Plan drafting is expected summer 2019.

The Framework for Dartford Town Centre

The Town Centre SPD , adopted in July 2018, applies in full for proposals in the town centre.

Your contact information and interest in our consultations

It is easy to let us know that you would or would not like to be kept informed of Dartford Planning Policy consultations and updates. Please complete this online form.  Alternatively, another way to let us know you would not like us to have your details (you will no longer be contacted) is to simply email stating so or call 01322 343213 to find out more.

Contact the team

For further information please contact Dartford Planning Policy using our Contact the Local Development Framework Team or phone 01322 343213.

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