Name: Help with your rent
Description: Information about housing benefit and how to claim

Help with your rent

Housing Benefit

All tenants may apply for Housing Benefit. The amount of benefit you receive will depend on your income and savings and the number of children and others living with you as well as on how much rent you pay.

Application forms are available from the Housing Benefit reception desk at the Civic Centre, or by ringing 01322 343705.

You must complete a separate Housing Benefit form even if you receive Income Support. When making your claim you must provide your National Insurance Number and proof of your identity.

You also need to provide evidence of your income and savings, for example, recent wage slips. Only original documents can be accepted as evidence.

You must also be resident in the home you are claiming from. If your claim is successful, Housing Benefit will be awarded from the Monday after receipt of your claim.

When you are in receipt of Housing Benefit you must inform the Housing Benefit Section of any changes in your circumstances. It is now a criminal offence not to do this.

You must also ensure that you return any renewal form that is sent to you quickly. Housing Benefit only lasts for between 26 – 60 weeks. If you do not return your form, your claim will end.

Housing Services' staff will be pleased to assist you with the completion of Housing Benefit forms or arrange a home visit by Benefits' staff if necessary.

Last Updated: 17th March 2021