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Right to buy

26 Sep 2019 10:48am

Under the Right to Buy scheme, some tenants are able to buy their home at a price lower than the full market value. The length of time you have spent as a tenant entitles you to a discount on the purchase price of your home.

The Right to Buy scheme applies to people who hold secure tenancies. If you are not sure what this means or which tenancy applies in your case, please telephone the Right to Buy team on 01322 343832.

This is a summary of the law relating to the Right to Buy and is not intended to cover everything. If you wish to exercise your Right to Buy or you want to find out more about buying your home, please contact the Right to Buy team on the telephone number stated above.

Dartford Borough Council recommends that you seek independent legal and financial advice about your individual circumstances before making any decisions about buying your home.

For further details and information Right to Buy discounts, please visit the Communities and Local Government website's Right to Buy page.

More information can be found on the following pages of Government websites:

Things to consider before deciding to buy your home

Take time to consider whether buying your home is the right choice for you.

If you do exercise the Right to Buy, you will become responsible for all the costs of maintaining your home, including routine repairs, major structural repairs, and any improvements you make to it, and service charges if they are applicable.

The Government made some changes to the Right to Buy scheme which took effect on 21st July 2014:

The Deregulation Bill received Royal Assent on Thursday 26th March 2015. The Act reduced the qualifying period for the Right to Buy from 5 to 3 years from Tuesday 26th May 2015.


Be suspicious if anyone tries to tell you that the Right to Buy is ending soon, or asks if they can buy your home on your behalf. Always check with the Right to Buy team before making any decisions or signing any papers to do with buying your home.

Some tenants have found themselves homeless after agreeing to such deals. You do not have to pay anything for the application forms to buy your home as these are available freely on request. If in doubt, check it out.