Name: Children's playgrounds
Description: Children's playgrounds

Children's playgrounds

The Council has over 20 children's playgrounds throughout the Borough. The largest of these are at Central and Hesketh Park, and there are numerous small and medium sized playgrounds elsewhere, in residential areas.

Image of Central Park Playground

Playgrounds are managed by the Council's Housing or Environmental Contract Sections. They are maintained by the Environmental Contracts Section through a specialist contractor, Clements Play Management Ltd.

This company has a contract with the Council for playground inspection and routine maintenance until 2019. A full list of playground sites is shown below (a few of the sites listed are not currently owned or managed by the Council but are due to be taken over from private developers in due course).

A Skatepark has been constructed in Central Park after detailed consultation with the Skateboarding community over the design. This park incorporates a bowl and a plaza, which was built by Gravity Engineering Ltd with funding by Dartford Borough Council and a grant from Barclays Spaces for Sport.

Parishes Councils Playgrounds

There are 21 equipped play facilities maintained, repaired and funded through Parish Council resources.

Stone Parish Council

  • Stone Recreation Ground
  • Waterstone Park (soon to be adopted)

Bean Parish Council

  • Bean Recreation Ground

Southfleet Parish Council

  • Southfleet Village Hall

Darenth Parish Council

  • Waller Park
  • Green St. Green Commons (Common Land)

Sutton and Hawley Parish Council

  • King Georges Field, Hawley
  • Burnt House Lane
  • Sutton Recreation Ground
  • Playground (rear of Balmoral Road)

Wilmington Parish Council

  • Oakfield Park
  • Chestnut Grove Open Space (leased from DBC)

Swanscombe and Greenhithe Town Council

  • Swanscombe Park
  • Manor Park
  • Broomfield Road Recreation Ground
  • Swanscombe Heritage Park
  • Knockhall Road Recreation Ground
  • Valley View Playground
  • Saxon Court Play Area

Longfield Parish Council

  • Long Valley Hall and Park (leased from DBC)
  • Whitehill Road Recreation Ground
  • The Oval and Playground

Privately Owned Playgrounds

  • Phoenix Place - Playground etc
  • The Dell - Playground
  • Barnwell Road - Playground
  • Darenth Village Park - Playground, open space, Football
  • Ingress Park - Playground, Heritage park
  • Bexley Park- Playgrounds, open spaces
  • High Trees - Playground
  • Baker Crescent - Playground
  • Cameron Drive
  • Marsden Gardens
  • Waylan Gardens
  • Vimy Drive
  • Shiers Avenue
  • Hardy Avenue
  • Critchley Avenue
  • Whites Close
  • St Peters Close
  • Taylor Row
  • Pier Road
  • Continuity Court
  • Griffin Walk
  • Waterstone Way

Housing Association

  • Cugley Road - Playground
  • Wodehouse Road - Playground
  • Cornwall Road - Playground
  • Groveherst Road - Playground
  • Whitfield Crescent - Playground

Other Information

  • Dogs are not allowed on any children's playground site
  • Adults allowed on same site only if accompanying a child
  • All playgrounds managed by Dartford Borough Council are inspected and cleaned daily except Christmas Day
  • Priority on equipment should be given to the under 12's
  • Please report any damaged equipment, accidents or other problems to 01322 343434

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Last Updated: 09th July 2020